You want to Retain or Improve Your Health

Do you want to Retain or Improve Your Health?

You have just retired or about to do so and want to enjoy your retirement? But recognise that as we get older we are prone to experience an decreased level of health and are wondering if there is anything you can do to stop yourself getting arthritis, etc.

You are “Home Alone” much of the time wish to meet other people, especially those in your age group and find out what worked for them. It is nice to have others to talk to hearing what they have done, are doing, have achieved and sharing your own experiences.

We hear more about the killer diseases such a heart attacks, cancer, etc, but less about those that are crippling but do not kill us. That is until a drug company manufactures some new drug that they want to charge the earth for and you cannot get it.
Information on the Health Service

Here in England when the Health Service was set up we were promised health care from cradle to grave, but it was soon realised that this was not possible and with more and more drugs being produced more and more people are being refused them.
Health:  Prevention Better Than Cure

But many people, both here and in other countries are turning away from drugs and seeking out natural remedies and even more, believing that “Prevention is Better than Cure” are seeking out ways to maintain their health by eating correctly, exercising, etc.

People are also taking supplementary vitamins, minerals and tonics.   These are good for your health, if they are manufactured from natural ingredients, but they do not replace food, which contain ingredients beneficial to your health than are not found in them.

The best health plan is to source the best food and supplement it with natural supplements.

You want advice on what to do, what to eat, should you take supplementary vitamins, etc?

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