You want to Meet Others and Talk to Them?

You want to Meet Others and Talk to Them?

There are quite a few ways you can get in touch with those who share your interests, concerns, etc, i.e. Forums, Social Networks, etc. But there are fewer where you can hold a conversation with them. One of them is Skype, which is expanding into other aspects on the internet, and conference rooms, which will be looked at here. Conference initially, were held on the phone, which was very expensive for those who id not live in the country of the person who was holding it, usually the U. S.
Ways You Can Meet Others

There are the traditional ways, at work, in shops, in clubs, etc.   Up to now, if you wanted to meet people on a regular basis these were limited as you had to be able to get to them and back in a reasonable time.   But all this changed with the advent of the telephone and then the internet.     Now you can have a 3 way conversation on the phone, but this is still limited.

The phone was also limited by price as up to fairly recently each phone call had to be paid for and people couldn’t afford it particularly if it was out of their country of residence.    This was overcome with the advent of Skype.   But this was, and still is, limited if you want to talk, so people started using it to text messages to others who had joined Skype.

Another way it can be used if for conferencing, but there are other newer systems for doing this.
Meet Others:  Conference Rooms

There are more than one Conference Room, but the earliest and best known and most used was Hot Conference.    All Conference Rooms rely on fibre optic cable, just as phones rely on phone lines.   Hot Conference was the brain child of Joel Therien, a Canadian, who was told by those who supplied his fibre optic cables that they could not provide him with any more and as this limited his growth he moved his family to San Antonio in Texas, which is the fibre optic capital of the world.    In 2010 he relaunched it under the domain name of GVO Conference.

Hot Conference was expensive for the average person, but due to the fact that everything, but the fiber optic cables belong to Joel Therien he has been able to launch it at an unbelievable price: $8.97 a month for a 50 seater room, which means that the average person can afford to use it to meet others.

Another way people can meet others is by attending conferences, but this is expensive, but pays dividends as you meet others who can become your partners in what you are doing on the internet.

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