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GM Food Cuckoo in the nest

GM Food: Cuckoo in the nest I have just received the latest edition of the Soil Association magazine Living Earth.  One of the articles is by Peter Melchedtt, their Policy Director.   In it he comments on what the Environment Secretary: Owen Paterson said concerning GM Food, with particular emphasis on their safety: He says: “Despite […]


GM Food Genetically Modified Fish

GM Food: Genetically Modified Fish The information about this latest attempt to foist GM Food on us is from Avaaz, whom I am a member of.   They keep their eyes on what is happening that they think is wrong and let us know ab out it. They provide a petition for us to sign. Earlier this […]


GM Food Right Not To Eat It

GM Food Right Not To Eat It I attend the Organic Festival, which was put on by the Soil Association, in Bristol, England when it is put on. While I was there in 2011 I was given an leaflet which said we had “a right to eat and plant GM-free food”.   We are told that […]


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