GM Food Cuckoo in the nest

GM Food: Cuckoo in the nest

GM FoodGM FoodGM Food

I have just received the latest edition of the Soil Association magazine Living Earth.  One of the articles is by Peter Melchedtt, their Policy Director.   In it he comments on what the Environment Secretary: Owen Paterson said concerning GM Food, with particular emphasis on their safety:

He says: “Despite claims such as those made in June by the Environment Secretary Owen Paterson, there is no scientific evidence that eating GM food is safe. Worldwide, there have only been around 30 scientific animal trials looking at the impacts of eating GM food, and half of those have raised concerns such as clear signs of toxicity affecting the liver and kidney, with ill effects on the heart, adrenal glands, spleen and blood cells. Since the introduction of GM food ingredients (mainly soya and maize) into US processed food. American rates of diet-related illnesses have soared – this proves nothing, but it is astonishing that no studies into human health have been done to investigate further. The truth is that while there is currently no evidence that eating GM food has caused human ill-heatth. equally there is no positive evidence that it is safe.” Read More…

Which is Better Old Natural Remedies or New Man Made Drugs

Which is Better Old Natural Remedies or New Man Made Drugs?

Natural RemediesNatural RemediesNatural Remedies
This is usually the question that those who think New is Better phrase it, but those who in the main support natural remedies say both are needed and the question should be which have the greatest benefits and the smallest side effects. These and allied questions are being asked in connection with a Bill that is currently going through the Canadian Parliament. The whole debate has been put on YouTube so we know what is being said. A web site has been set up to allow all those who are opposed to it to express their concerns. Read More…

Do you Diet or are you on a Diet

Do you Diet or are you on a Diet?


When you hear that people are on a diet, or dieting you immediately think that they are trying to lose weight. But this is not the primary meaning. The primary meaning of the word diet is what we habitually eat, or in this case, don’t eat. You should remember this if you want to lose weight because this will encourage you to eat for health and not just for weight loss. Read More…

What about Minerals

What about Minerals?


In the last post on Vitamins Calcium was mentioned and the fact that it was a mineral. Do you know what they do for you, why you should ensure that you get the correct amount, etc. Once again you are urged to ensure your mineral come from natural sources. The soil plants are grown in is vital as this is where they get the minerals our bodies need and if the soil is deficient in these nutrients then the plants will be as well. Read More…



In this post we look at Vitamins and what they can do for you.

We start with Vitamins, which come can be fat or water soluble. It is possible to take too much fat soluble vitamins as they are stored in your body longer but unlikely that you would be able to do so. For the average person the cost would be prohibitive and in addition you would feel bloated before it happened. Read More…




Your diet, i.e. what you eat on a regular basis is the starting point when it comes to keeping yourself healthy. You have to eat a balanced diet. No one food contains all you need and food contains things that tablets do not. You may need to take vitamins, minerals, etc, but they are not substitute for food. While all foods contain one or more necessary nutrients, some have more than others and are therefore should feature more prominently in your diet.

You must keep in mind that your body is composed of proteins and you need to replace those which have been lost daily. Other foods are also needed for good nutrition. Read More…

GM Food Genetically Modified Fish

GM Food: Genetically Modified Fish

The information about this latest attempt to foist GM Food on us is from Avaaz, whom I am a member of.   They keep their eyes on what is happening that they think is wrong and let us know ab out it. They provide a petition for us to sign.

Earlier this year (2013) I have received one from them was on the above topic.

Please read it carefully and, if you are not already a member, join them, and sign the petition. GM Food

Most of what is below is taken from their email to me.

The US is about to treat the world to the first genetically modified meat: a mutant salmon that could wipe out wild salmon populations and threaten human health — but we can stop it now before our plates are filled with suspicious Frankenfish.

The new fake salmon grows twice as fast as the real one, and not even scientists know its long-term health effects. Yet it’s about to be declared safe for us to eat, based on studies paid for by the company that created the GMO creature! Luckily, the US is legally required to consider public opinion before deciding. A growing coalition of consumers, environmentalists, and fishermen is calling on the government to trash this fishy deal. Let’s urgently build an avalanche of global support to help them win.

GM Food: What is Happening

Read More…

You want to Meet Others and Talk to Them?

You want to Meet Others and Talk to Them?

There are quite a few ways you can get in touch with those who share your interests, concerns, etc, i.e. Forums, Social Networks, etc. But there are fewer where you can hold a conversation with them. One of them is Skype, which is expanding into other aspects on the internet, and conference rooms, which will be looked at here. Conference initially, were held on the phone, which was very expensive for those who id not live in the country of the person who was holding it, usually the U. S.
Ways You Can Meet Others

There are the traditional ways, at work, in shops, in clubs, etc.   Up to now, if you wanted to meet people on a regular basis these were limited as you had to be able to get to them and back in a reasonable time.   But all this changed with the advent of the telephone and then the internet.     Now you can have a 3 way conversation on the phone, but this is still limited.

The phone was also limited by price as up to fairly recently each phone call had to be paid for and people couldn’t afford it particularly if it was out of their country of residence.    This was overcome with the advent of Skype.   But this was, and still is, limited if you want to talk, so people started using it to text messages to others who had joined Skype.

Another way it can be used if for conferencing, but there are other newer systems for doing this.
Meet Others:  Conference Rooms

There are more than one Conference Room, but the earliest and best known and most used was Hot Conference.    All Conference Rooms rely on fibre optic cable, just as phones rely on phone lines.   Hot Conference was the brain child of Joel Therien, a Canadian, who was told by those who supplied his fibre optic cables that they could not provide him with any more and as this limited his growth he moved his family to San Antonio in Texas, which is the fibre optic capital of the world.    In 2010 he relaunched it under the domain name of GVO Conference.

Hot Conference was expensive for the average person, but due to the fact that everything, but the fiber optic cables belong to Joel Therien he has been able to launch it at an unbelievable price: $8.97 a month for a 50 seater room, which means that the average person can afford to use it to meet others.

Another way people can meet others is by attending conferences, but this is expensive, but pays dividends as you meet others who can become your partners in what you are doing on the internet.

In this post Buy Cialis we looked at ways to meet others, in the next one we look at Nutrition.

You want to Retain or Improve Your Health

Do you want to Retain or Improve Your Health?

You have just retired or about to do so and want to enjoy your retirement? But recognise that as we get older we are prone to experience an decreased level of health and are wondering if there is anything you can do to stop yourself getting arthritis, etc.

You are “Home Alone” much of the time wish to meet other people, especially those in your age group and find out what worked for them. It is nice to have others to talk to hearing what they have done, are doing, have achieved and sharing your own experiences.

We hear more about the killer diseases such a heart attacks, cancer, etc, but less about those that are crippling but do not kill us. That is until a drug company manufactures some new drug that they want to charge the earth for and you cannot get it.
Information on the Health Service

Here in England when the Health Service was set up we were promised health care from cradle to grave, but it was soon realised that this was not possible and with more and more drugs being produced more and more people are being refused them.
Health:  Prevention Better Than Cure

But many people, both here and in other countries are turning away from drugs and seeking out natural remedies and even more, believing that “Prevention is Better than Cure” are seeking out ways to maintain their health by eating correctly, exercising, etc.

People are also taking supplementary vitamins, minerals and tonics.   These are good for your health, if they are manufactured from natural ingredients, but they do not replace food, which contain ingredients beneficial to your health than are not found in them.

The best health plan is to source the best food and supplement it with natural supplements.

You want advice on what to do, what to eat, should you take supplementary vitamins, etc?

To learn what else is on offer please fill in the form on the right and receive a series of messages in your inbox.

If you would like to learn more about how to improve or maintain your health please get in touch with me  at:, or on Skype jeanne0738.

GM Food Right Not To Eat It

GM Food Right Not To Eat It

GM FoodGM FoodGM Food
I attend the Organic Festival, which was put on by the Soil Association, in Bristol, England when it is put on. While I was there in 2011 I was given an leaflet which said we had “a right to eat and plant GM-free food”.   We are told that we need it so that we can feed those in Africa, etc who do not have enough.

But the facts do no support this.    The big chemical firms want us to believe this as it puts more power in their hands and allows them to dictate to farmers where they should buy their seed, if they can store it, and in many cases take over their farms.

It give the: Read More…

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