Which is Better Old Natural Remedies or New Man Made Drugs

Which is Better Old Natural Remedies or New Man Made Drugs?

Natural RemediesNatural RemediesNatural Remedies
This is usually the question that those who think New is Better phrase it, but those who in the main support natural remedies say both are needed and the question should be which have the greatest benefits and the smallest side effects. These and allied questions are being asked in connection with a Bill that is currently going through the Canadian Parliament. The whole debate has been put on YouTube so we know what is being said. A web site has been set up to allow all those who are opposed to it to express their concerns.

Goverments and Natural Remedies

From what is said it looks as though they operate in the same way as we do here in England. The English (and I use the word deliberately) has been, correctly, called ‘The Mother of Parliaments’. It started out with people wanting someone to represent them and this is still the prime function of a Member of Parliament. It is definitely not to tell us what we can eat, or not eat, or use natural remedies.

I cannot comment on how things are in other countries, but here in England all of our medical training is drug orientated and anyone who mentions natural remedies to a doctor, nurse, etc is likely to encounter either a closed mind or hostility. And this seems to be the case in Canada.

Testing Drugs and Natural Remedies

The drug companies tell us that the natural remedies have not been tested whereas drugs have been. But the opposite fits the facts better. Given the fact that the drug companies have Members of Parliament backing them these things are not often aired in Parliament. But others have arisen to keep us informed about what actually is happening.

Drugs are manufactured and all we hear about is what they can do for the specific disease they have been manufactured to deal with. We are not told about the side effects, even when the manufacturer know about them and which in many cases can prove lethal.

Drugs have side effects than no one anticipated, the effect thalidomide had on unborn babies is only one of these. Most drugs are based on ingredients found in plants, which are isolated and manufactured artificially. But those who manufacture them do not test and see if there are other ingredients that are just as beneficial. If the whole plant was used these would naturally be included.

A case in point is that of Vitamin C.  When they wanted to produce it artificially they took out what they thought was the prime ingredient, manufactured it and found it didn’t work.   They had to include over 100 other ingredients before it did.

Here we have looked at Natural Remedies V Drugs, in the next one you are asked if you want governments dictating to you what you take.

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