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Which is Better Old Natural Remedies or New Man Made Drugs

Which is Better Old Natural Remedies or New Man Made Drugs? This is usually the question that those who think New is Better phrase it, but those who in the main support natural remedies say both are needed and the question should be which have the greatest benefits and the smallest side effects. These and […]


Do you Diet or are you on a Diet

Do you Diet or are you on a Diet? When you hear that people are on a diet, or dieting you immediately think that they are trying to lose weight. But this is not the primary meaning. The primary meaning of the word diet is what we habitually eat, or in this case, don’t eat. […]


What about Minerals

What about Minerals? In the last post on Vitamins Calcium was mentioned and the fact that it was a mineral. Do you know what they do for you, why you should ensure that you get the correct amount, etc. Once again you are urged to ensure your mineral come from natural sources. The soil plants […]



Vitamins In this post we look at Vitamins and what they can do for you. We start with Vitamins, which come can be fat or water soluble. It is possible to take too much fat soluble vitamins as they are stored in your body longer but unlikely that you would be able to do so. […]



Nutrition Your diet, i.e. what you eat on a regular basis is the starting point when it comes to keeping yourself healthy. You have to eat a balanced diet. No one food contains all you need and food contains things that tablets do not. You may need to take vitamins, minerals, etc, but they are […]


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